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I am a talented, hard working and dedicated individual with a strong urge to learn and apply my knowledge wherever required. I am also a hard working and dedicated individual with a strong urge to learn. I love to work in a team environment, collaborating with my peers to come up with new innovative ideas.

I have been a graduate student in the Computer Science department from August 2018. Thanks to my curriculum in both undergraduate and graduate, I am well-versed with the core concepts of computer science such as data structures, algorithms and object-oriented programming. Currently, at RIT, the cluster that I am focusing on is Big Data and so, I have experience with databases such as MySQl, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB and PostgreSQL. I am also a certified Cloud Practitioner with self-experience in hosting NodeJs applications on the cloud.

I am looking for opportunities to showcase my skills and be an asset to the organization in the fiels of Data Science and Software Engineering. I can also prove myself as a Web Developer, back-end engineer or a full-stack developer.

I am confident that with my knowledge and personality, I can bring a mutually rewarding experience to any organization.


Jan 2021 - April 2021

Software Developement Co-op


Developed a Python model in Jupiter to visualize text data and determine similarity between projects using NLP, Bert models, Confusion Matrix and Heat Maps. Developed a dashboard to project the matrix and take the input using Python Dash library. Under Agile Scrum Methodology, developed test cases and test plan by analyzing product requirement design and documentation. Collaborated with other teams to come up with additional features in existing full stack application such as Video Interaction between Patients and Doctors.

Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Algorithms Co-op


Developed a Data Collection application to interact with the sensors through their GATT profiles using BLE protocol. The real-time data from the sensor is displayed for the user and also stored, which can be exported to CSV files. Also, different Waveforms were plotted by the application from the sensor data. Developed an Application for Verification and Validation. The application communicates with sensors using the BLE protocol and also with the back-end services through REST APIs. Multiple connections with sensors can be made to run smoke tests or display the data stream and also view logs. Collaborated with cross-functional teams for the communication between application and the sensor.

Aug 2020-May 2021

Course Assistant

Rochester Institute of Technology

Been a course assistant for Introduction to software engineering course. Responsibilities include assisting the professor in handling the course, grading labs, assignments and attending weekly meetings to discuss about the students. Assisting the students with the problem-solving sessions and holding office hours every week to solve any queries regarding the assignments

May 2020-Aug 2020

Course Grader

Rochester Institute of Technology

Big Data Analytics is one of the courses in the Big Data specialization. Upon securing an A in this course, I was even more motivated to enhance my knowledge in this subject. Thus, as a grader, I have evaluated assignments and read the various discussions being posted which have proved to be educational and beneficial



Masters of science in Computer Science

Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Technology in computer science and engineering

Andhra University









ReactJS & AngularJS




AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Web Services

Being a cloud enthusiast, I started to explore different cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP. After working on AWS alot I felt like giving a certification exam to test my knowledge. I did so and earned my certification.


My Projects

Yelp Search Engine

MERN Stack Application

Burger Builder

Single page GUI Application

Online library management

Web Application

Blog Creator

NodeJS based Application


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